Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Case of the Day

One of my interests is how to learn the process of differential diagnosis. I got really interested in the Case of the Day for our neuroscience block and decided to pursue this project. The goals are:
-To encourage active learning and investigation as educational methodologies.
-To introduce diseases and their clinical findings, including images.
-To review material for the boards.

Material may be loosely based around my current curriculum (I will be starting with several immunology and microbiology cases). This website will be updated with a new case every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. When I post the new case, I will also post the solution to the previous case in the discussion thread of that blog. You can post any questions, comments, suggestions, arguments, or guesses; you can also email them to me.

I put together all the material on this website; I try to find images in the public domain but will show images under Fair Use otherwise. My sources for each case will be posted along with the solution. I hope this is a useful resource.

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