Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Not Pregnant

A thin 16 year old female cross country runner presents to student health because she hasn't had a menstrual period in several months. She had menarche at around 14, but her periods have been irregular. She fervently denies any possibility of being pregnant; she is not sexually active. She has no significant past medical history. On review of systems, she notes feeling cold and dizzy at times. She drinks a great deal of caffeine but eats very little. She is 163 cm (64 inches) tall and weighs 43 kg.

Challenge: Two legs of a triad have been described here. What's the third?


CodeDog said...

Female Athlete Triad:
Low Energy Availability: She eats very little and exercises a lot.
The feelings of cold and dizziness are from the low energy availability.
Amenorrhea: She has stopped menstruating.
Osteoporosis:(The missing one) She should have a bone density scan done.

Alex said...

being underweight can cause amennorhea from lack of hormone production (i think aromatase?)

Craig Chen said...

I’m Not Pregnant

This is the female athlete’s triad of an eating disorder, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis.

Sources: UpToDate.