Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kid with Rash

Ah, yes, that common chief complaint. This rash is pruritic and has a bit of scale. The borders are slightly raised.

Challenge: What's the most likely diagnosis?

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shabnam said...

Atopic dermatitis ?

Stephanie said...

uhh eczema? ringworm?

Craig Chen said...

Kid with Rash

This is tinea corporis, a dermatophyte infection of the body by Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, or Microsproum. The rash is a pruritic circular or oval erythematous scaling patch or plaque spreading centrifugally. There may be central clearing; the active advancing border remains erythematous and slightly raised. Treatment is with topical antifungals.

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shabnam said...

Gosh! can you believe this...I first wanted to go with tinea corporis,but changed my mind!!!