Monday, April 11, 2011

History of Medicine

In the history of medicine, a Dutch pediatrician recognized an association between a particular disease and historical events. Patients with the disease (most often age 10-40) present with bulky foul-smelling steatorrhea and flatulence. However, during food shortages in the Second World War, patients' symptoms improved. After the war, the symptoms resumed.

Challenge: This disease was possibly first described by Aretaeus from Cappadocia in 2 AD. Do you know what it is?

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Anonymous said...

Celiac Disease

Anonymous said...

Coeliac disease?

arif said...

cealiac disease

Rockstar said...

Celiac disease (Gluten intolerance). Picture shown are wheat plants, a source of gluten, which must be avoided by sufferers of the disease to prevent intestinal damage.

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you guys are good :)
History of Medicine

This describes celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The picture shows wheat which is a source of gluten.

Source: UpToDate.