Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Sorry, this post was a little late.

This 30 year old woman is transferred from an outside hospital with multiple focal progressive neurologic deficits and seizures. MRI shows several lesions shown here. They do not show up on conventional brain angiography. CT shows irregular hyperdense masses.

The patient goes to surgery where the surgeon comments on a "mulberry appearance to purplish clusters."

Challenge: What's your diagnosis?

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Anonymous said...

cavernous malformation. great case!

Craig Chen said...

thanks! was able to find great images

This is a cavernous malformation, thin-walled capillaries with a simple endothelial lining. They have a characteristic “popcorn” appearance on MRI with various image densities. In the second image, the dark hemosiderin ring around the malformation suggests old hemorrhage.

Source: UpToDate.