Monday, November 5, 2012

Store at Room Temperature

Ever since this child was one year old, he has had an "allergy to cold." Exposure to cold environments, even an air-conditioned room, triggers the rash shown above in around seven hours. This is followed by a fever. If blood is drawn 10 hours after the exposure, then the leukocyte count can be over 30,000/microL. This CBC abnormality declines about 12-14 hours later. The baby also develops a red eye and complains of joint aches. All these symptoms usually resolve within 24 hours. In between episodes, the patient's exam is completely normal.

Challenge: What's your diagnosis?

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Reflex Hammer said...

Cold urticaria

Craig Chen said...

yes!! nice job!! i hadn't even heard about this, i stumbled into it reading a paper and decided it was interesting enough to learn about
Store at Room Temperature

This is familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome, also called familial cold urticaria, a mild cryopyrin-associated disorder.

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