Monday, May 13, 2013


An 80 year old man who never sees a doctor is brought in by his children because of "weird" behavior. He has been running into doors, falling, knocking things off tables, and unable to locate anything. He says there's nothing wrong with his vision and that he's "just fine." When you show him three fingers, he says he sees two. When you do confrontation of his visual fields, it seems random which fingers he says are wiggling. When asked what color shirt his daughter is wearing, he says "red" when she is wearing a green shirt. He seems to genuinely believe what he is saying. A fundoscopic exam is shown above. An MRI makes the diagnosis.

Challenge: What's the diagnosis?

Image shown under Creative Commons Attribution License.


Reflex Hammer said...

Anton-Babinski syndrome!

Craig Chen said...

nice job! such a weird syndrome

This is Anton syndrome or cortical blindness from bilateral damage to the cerebral visual pathways. The fundoscopic exam is normal. In Anton syndrome, patients confabulate and deny blindness.

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