Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving! This blog revolves around obscure, fascinating, strange, and unusual diseases, but some days, we have to give thanks for the healthy.

You are a pediatrician evaluating a perfectly healthy baby. She can stand on one foot with some slight support, walk backward, and even go up stairs with one hand held. She scribbles spontaneously, picks up and drinks from a cup, fetches and carries objects, and finds a toy observed to be hidden under layers of covers. She periodically visually relocates her caregiver and has some self-consciousness, feeling embarrassed when she sees you observing her. She understands simple commands and uses 5-10 words.

Challenge: How old is she?

Image is from Wikipedia, shown under Creative Commons Share-Alike License.


kat said...

15 months

Craig Chen said...

yes! nice job :)

According to a 2007 AAP developmental milestones chart, she is around 16 months.

Source: UpToDate.

Alex said...

this is clearly man in the barrell syndrome