Monday, October 27, 2014

Terms of Agreement

A 20 year old G3P0 woman presents with left lower abdominal pain and vaginal discharge. She says she sometimes feels warm at night but hasn't had a marked fever. "I've had PID in the past, and this just isn't the same," she says. You are unable to do a complete pelvic exam because of significant adnexal tenderness. Because of this, you order pelvic imaging which is shown above. A CBC shows leukocytosis, and pregnancy test is negative. She undergoes surgery and cultures grow out a polymicrobial mix of E.coli, aerobic streptococci, Bacteroides, and Prevotella.

Challenge: What is the diagnosis?

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Craig Chen said...

Terms of Agreement

This is a tuboovarian abscess. The transvaginal ultrasound of the left adnexa shows a complex solid and cystic mass.

Source: UpToDate.