Monday, February 29, 2016

Nails I

This blog originated with my fascination with obscure and brilliant physical exam findings and how they help diagnosis. I know this is not how real medicine works, that most of us no longer look for the right ventricular heave or test for egophony. Indeed, I'm by trade an anesthesiologist and a critical care intensivist; my tools are lab tests, scans, and ventilator readings rather than physical exam pearls. Nevertheless, I love that stuff. So this week we're going to spend some time looking at nails.

Challenge: What is this called?

Image shown under Fair Use.


RaH said...

onycholysis would be my guess

Craig Chen said...

Not a bad guess
Nails I

This is called onychoschizia, the lamellar splitting of the free edge of a nail due to impairment of intercellular adhesive factors of the nail plate.

Source: UpToDate.