Thursday, March 17, 2016

Holy Fire

I apologize there was no Monday case this week.

A 10 year old child with a history of eczema presents with a rash on his leg. He scratches that leg quite a bit and scrapes it like any ten year old does. But this is the first time he's had anything this severe. It developed quite quickly and is accompanied by fevers and chills. Note that the lesion is very well demarcated and it is raised compared to the surrounding skin.

Challenge: What is the diagnosis?

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RaH said...

Erysipel! S.pyogenes ski infektion,treatment with immobilisation and penicillin.
Note that the physician has outlined the rash to evaluate response to antibiotics.

Craig Chen said...

yes! good identification
Holy Fire

Erysipelas means “red skin” and is also known as ignis sacer, holy fire, and St. Anthony’s fire. Erysipelas involves the upper dermis and superficial lymphatics whereas cellulitis involves the deeper dermis and subcutaneous fat.

Source: UpToDate.