Monday, May 2, 2016

Name That Object I

I prefer ones made out of glass; the plastic versions just don't feel as slippery. This syringe is normally filled with air or sterile saline.

Challenge: What is this particular type of syringe used for?

Image shown under Fair Use.


RaH said...

Luer Slip Glass Syringes!
it can be used for various interventions... i have seen them in use for varicosis embolisation with a foaming agent, as the agent doesn't foam in plastic. some time ago these were used as a standard (these are reusable). now a days some people use to for loss of resistance punctions. i.g. peridural punctions

Craig Chen said...

you're right! i use them for epidural loss of resistance procedures
Name That Object I

This is a loss-of-resistance syringe used in epidural placement. Constant pressure is applied on the plunger while the needle is advanced towards the epidural space. When the clinician reaches the epidural space, there is a “loss of resistance” as air or saline enters the potential space.

Source: Braun; Miller’s Anesthesia.