Monday, June 27, 2016


This diagram is sometimes used by surgeons and anesthesiologists in cardiothoracic surgery and trauma.

Challenge: What is it?


Eric said...

This is a thromboelastogram!

Anonymous said...

TEG tracing! Could you elaborate briefly on its use?

RaH said...

Thromboelastography, a complicated coagulation test rarely used.

Craig Chen said...

nice identification. so i'll be completely honest; i relearn and memorize this each time i have to take an exam. i don't routinely use them in my practice (i don't do cardiac anesthesia) so it's always a challenge for me to remember what each variable means

This is a thromboelastogram which tests various components of coagulation including factors, platelet function, clot strength, and fibrinolysis.

Sources: Miller’s Anesthesia, Wikipedia.