Thursday, July 28, 2016

Musculoskeletal II

This happened while blocking a basketball shot. There is loss of sensation in a "shoulder badge" distribution.

Challenge: What's going on here?

Image shown under Fair Use.


Anonymous said...

Dislocated shoulder with axillary nerve compression... Regimental Badge sign

Craig Chen said...

yep! it's the badge sign
Musculoskeletal II

This is an anterior glenohumeral joint dislocation. In the top image, the humeral head is lying inferior to the coracoid process (red arrow). In the middle image, a Hill-Sachs deformity is noted along the posterolateral aspect of the head (green arrow), which is an associated depression fracture. The lower image shows the scapular Y view (blue line) with the head in a subcoracoid location. It is usually caused by a blow to an abducted, externally rotated, and extended arm. The axillary nerve is most commonly injured.

Source: LearningRadiology.