Monday, August 15, 2016


This man presents with an erythemaous genital papule that evolved into a pustule and eroded into an ulcer. The ulcer is 1-2cm in diameter, painful, with an erythematous base. The borders of the ulcer are clearly demarcated and the base has a gray-yellow exudate. The patient also has inguinal lymphadenitis. Aspiration of the lesion is shown above.

Challenge: What is this?

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RaH said...

sounds a lot like ulcus molle, caused by haemophilus ducreyi.
Ceftriaxon should take care of this STI...
(can you post more physiology or ICU cases? that would be great! thanks)

Anonymous said...

Granuloma inguinale? Or possibly chancroid (hemophilus ducreyi) an STI typically found in the tropical regions, not sure if it presents with lymphadenitis though.

Craig Chen said...

yes! very rare in the U.S., which i am thankful for

This is chancroid caused by Haemophilus ducreyi.

Source: UpToDate.