Monday, June 15, 2009

Ancient Egyptians Ate Liver

You decide to do an international rotation in Africa where you see a malnourished patient in clinic with poor bone growth, non-specific skin findings, a mildly immunocompromised state, and the eye finding above. He says he has poor vision at night.

Challenge: The ancient Egyptians knew about this disease and treated it with eating liver. What is it?

Image shown under fair use.


Stephanie said...

vitamin A deficiency

Alex said...

vit a defic?

Anonymous said...

vit A deficiency.
i'm not sure what the eye lesion is, though (hyperkeratosis?)...

Craig Chen said...

Wow, I'm impressed!
Ancient Egyptians Ate Liver

This is vitamin A deficiency and the image shows Bitot's spots, areas of abnormal squamous cell proliferation and keratinization of the conjunctiva. This is part of xerophthalmia due to inadequate lacrimal gland function and can progress to corneal xerosis and keratomalacia.

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