Friday, January 1, 2010

EtOH 3

Happy New Year's! This EKG is from a previously healthy man who presented with the chief complaint "my heart feels funny." He came in on New Year's Day because of a resolution to "be more healthy." "No more binge drinking," he says. Otherwise, he has no other medical problems, has had no surgeries, and takes no medications.

Challenge: What's the cause of the EKG finding?

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Suheil said...

i'm gonna go wit acute alcohol intoxication resulting in atrial fibrillation and (if it is at all possible) a first degree heart block.. also there is QT prolongation.. but it could be me trying to put my foot into my mouth again.. :(

Craig Chen said...

yep! classic case of holiday heart
EtOH 3

Holiday heart syndrome is atrial fibrillation occurring after binge drinking of alcohol.

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