Monday, January 11, 2010


This one-day old newborn was born by vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery at 41 weeks to a 30 year old G2P2 woman after a prolonged labor. A soft, spongy mass is felt over the right scalp which crosses suture lines.

Challenge: What is the treatment?

Image is in the public domain.


Suheil said...

Caput Succadaneum? Occurring as a result of the prolonged application of the presenting part against the cervix and exacerbated by the vacuum.. To be differentiated from cephalohematoma- cephalohematomas are subperiosteal hematomas and are restricted by the suture lines.. though in the presence underlying skull bone fractures they may cross the suture lines.. Caputs will spontaneously resolve within a day or two.. do not require any specific management..

tree said...

Caput succedaneum! Treatment... nothing. It should resolve on its own.

Anonymous said...

no treatment needed; the hematoma should go away on its own within a week or so.

Craig Chen said...

exactly! the trick is differentiating between caput and cephalohematoma. caput = reassure parents.

This is a caput succedaneum, an edematous swelling of the scalp over the periosteum. It is benign and will resolve within a few days.

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