Monday, June 14, 2010

Used to be an Insecticide

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A 25 year man is brought into the emergency department by his friends because he is "acting weird." The patient is irritable, angry, and restless. He says, "I can't concentrate or sleep. I'm anxious and sad. I keep eating. I quit 3 days ago, but I can't handle it. This is too much. My friends say I'm going to gain weight and get depressed too."

Challenge: What did he quit?

Image is in the public domain.


Suheil said...

He quit smoking....All are symptoms of nicotine withdrawal... A variant of nicotine was used as an insecticide earlier....

shabnam said...

He quit Smoking...he's experiencing nicotine withdrawal

Elden said...

The alkaloid known as nicotine.

I.e. Cigarettes

Craig Chen said...

Used to be an Insecticide

This is nicotine withdrawal.

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