Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sorry about the late post today!
These ghoulish crystals are seen in an alkaline urine of a patient with dysuria.

Challenge: What organism(s) do you expect?

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mãenuela said...

calcium oxalate cristals

city said...

Struvite crystals are found in alkaline urine, typically in the setting of an UTI caused by an urease positive bacteria. Consider Proteus, Klebsiella, S. sapro, and Ureaplasma.

jimmy said...

Struvite crystals- Proteus mirabilis

Craig Chen said...

ah yes, the crystal differential..this does happen to be struvite! i had a previous case before that had calcium oxalate (also a great image)

"Coffin-lid" struvite (magnesium phosphate) crystals are associated with urea-splitting bacteria such as Proteus or Klebsiella.

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