Thursday, March 1, 2012


A 25 year old woman with diabetes and recurrent UTIs presents with dysuria. Initially, she thinks this is her usual UTI, but then she starts having vulvar pruritis, soreness, irritation, and dyspareunia. There is no discharge. She decided to go see her regular doctor (that's you!). Her medications are nitrofurantoin and an oral contraceptive. Examination shows vulvar erythema and edema. There is some thick, adherent, cottage-cheese-like discharge. The vaginal pH is 4. You make your diagnosis.

Challenge: What is it?

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idy said...

candida albicans infection

jbwpac said...

candidiasis vagnitis

Anonymous said...


Craig Chen said...

good job! sorry for the late responses

This is Candida vulvovaginitis which accounts for one third of vaginitis cases. It is not an opportunitistic infection and is not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

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