Thursday, December 4, 2014

Super Mario

About half an hour after ingesting a few of these, a young man presents with euphoria and sensory disturbances. On presentation, he has tachycardia and dilated pupils. His symptoms subside after about six hours.

Challenge: What is the active compound and what drug is it related to?

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RaH said...

Psilocybe semilanceata, is my best guess. The symptoms point towards a ressemblance of the LSD molecule, which was first isolated from mushrooms in Switzerland in the mid 1900's

nice challenge!

Craig Chen said...

wow! thanks for your comment - that's outstanding
Super Mario

Magic mushrooms (species Psilocybe, Conocybe, Gynmopilus, Panaeolus) contain psilocybin and psilosin and produce hallucinogenic effects. Those compounds are chemically related to LSD and serotonin.

Source: UpToDate.