Monday, July 13, 2015

The Only Word Kids Dread More Than "Shots"

Visiting friends in Germany, I was asked to consult on the case of a two year old toddler who fell while trying to climb stairs too fast.

Child 1 has this image:

Child 2 has this image:

Challenge: Which, if any (or both) child needs to see a dentist?

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Well I cant tell for sure with the angle of the 1st pic, but I'd say Picture 1- is an Ellis 1 Fracture, can likely be smoothed & capped and then see the dentist in the next week or so. Picture 2 looks like an Ellis 3, pulp exposed=dentist immediately!

Craig Chen said...

yep! good job
The Only Word Kids Dread More Than “Shots”

The first image shows uncomplicated crown fractures of the maxillary central incisors; only the enamel and dentin are involved. They generally do not warrant immediate dental attention. The second image shows a fracture of the central upper incisor exposing the neurovascular pulp. This requires dental attention for a pulpotomy or pulpectomy and restoration.

Source: UpToDate.