Monday, March 24, 2008

I Never Really Learned This Disease

So I'm reviewing it now. This is not infectious.

Challenge: This disease is associated with a specific histopathological finding. What is it?

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Alex said...

hey - i realize it's hard to come up with good puzzles every other day, but i wish you included a history and course. Otherwise it's just about matching pathognomonic signs with a disease, which requires less reasoning and more "brute force."

Craig said...

:P Yeah I know. No time for anything but boards studying these days!

Craig said...

I Never Really Learned This Disease

The first image shows bilateral hilar adenopathy. The second image shows anterior uveitis. This, along with restrictive lung disease, erythema nodosum, Bell’s palsy, epithelial granulomas, hypercalcemia, and elevated ACE suggest sarcoidosis. The key histopathological finding in sarcoidosis is noncaseating granulomas.

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