Monday, May 5, 2008


A 20 year old basketball player reports hearing a "pop" at the back of his heel after landing. There was an intense pain; the patient says he thought someone had hit him with a bat. With the patient prone and foot hanging off the table, squeezing the gastrocnemius does not cause plantarflexion (it does on the unaffected side).

Challenge: This classic history with this special test point to the diagnosis what?


tree said...

Achilles tendon rupture

(although I admit that I had an unfair advantage... like insider trading :P)

Future doctor scientist said...

achilles tendon rupture, i should know!

Alex said...

torn achilles?

Craig said...

haha good job! guess this one was a bit easier.

This is a Achilles tendon rupture; the test is the Thompson test.

Source: UpToDate.