Monday, January 24, 2011

An Old Man and His Grandson

The painting shown above depicts a middle-aged man with a chronic disease that afflicts those with fair skin and light hair and eye color. He frequently blushes and flushes, especially with spicy foods, alcohol, temperature extremes, and emotion.

Challenge: What's the diagnosis?

Image is in the public domain.


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yes, right on both accounts - rhinophyma signifying rosacea - i wouldn't have been able to diagnose this off just a painting :)
An Old Man and His Grandson

This 1488 painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio shows skin damage from end-stage rosacea, an acneiform disorder characterized by vascular dilation of the central face (nose, cheek, eyelids, forehead). Patients complain of facial erythema, telangiectasias, as well as other skin and ocular changes. The picture also depicts rhinophyma, hyperplasia of the soft tissues of the nose.

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