Monday, June 8, 2015

Airway I

What can I say? I'm an anesthesiologist.

Challenge: What is this? (Or how does it work?)

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RaH said...

this is a laryngeal mask. it is used in ACLS to secure airways... it is better than a wendel or guedel tubus, but does not secure from aspiration and doesnt secure from glottic airway obstruction. a very commonly used laryngeal mask is the i-gel mask.. very easy to use, atraumatic, and fast. as endotracheal intubation should only be used as a last remedy in prehospital setting the laryngeal mask can provide a good alternative, until a more secure setting, as an ED, is reached.
(this type of mask can also be used to help during endotracheal intubation. )

Craig Chen said...

great explanation! agree with all you said. i've only used the iGel a few times, and i like it. also agree with the comments on prehospital setting - the data is interesting as intubation seems to worsen outcomes for whatever reason - better just to get them to the ED
Airway I

This is an intubating LMA. The laryngeal mask airway creates a seal over the laryngeal inlet to allow oxygenation and ventilation of patients. This LMA allows blind placement of an endotracheal tube and in randomized trials has been shown to be effective in management of the difficult airway.

Source: UpToDate.