Thursday, June 11, 2015

Airway II

Challenge: What's that? (Or how does it work?)


RaH said...

this is a supraglottic airway management tool, we call it a King LTD

it is a very good tool which has the advantage ob blocking the esophagus with a cuff. it can be inserted blindly, so the tube ends up entering the upper-esophagus. there are 2 ventilation outlet on the anterior part to ensure sufficent ventilation. the advantage towards other OPA, NPA and other tools is that there is a partial protection from retrograde emptying of the stomach/emesis and so aspiration.

Craig Chen said...

yep! i've never actually used it (and hope i don't have to) but it seems easy to use in a pinch
Airway II

This is a laryngeal tube. There is a pharyngeal cuff and a laryngeal cuff. A port between the two cuffs at the level of the laryngeal inlet allows gas exchange. This is occasionally used in pre-hospital airway management; its use in the difficult airway is quite limited.

Source: UpToDate.